National Brain Mapping Lab

Cognitive Assessment and Rehabilitation Laboratory (CARE-LAB)


  • Cognitive assessments
  • Cognitive rehabilitation

Subcategory of Cognitive Assessments:

  • Computer Cognitive Assessments
  • Cognitive assessments using classical tests
  • Designing Cognitive Assessment Tasks

Subcategory of Computational Cognitive Assessments:

  • CANTAB Cognitive Test
  • Attention Assessment Test (IVA-2)

Subcategory of Cognitive Assessments Using Classical Tests:

  • WMS-IV- Wechsler Memory Scale 4th Edition (Standardized under the supervision of the Cognitive Science and Technologies Council)

Designing a variety of cognitive tasks with the aim of cognitive assessments

Cognitive Rehabilitation Subcategory:

Computerized Cognitive Rehabilitation Softwares:

Non-computer Cognitive Rehabilitation Programs: