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Cognitive Assessment and Rehabilitation Laboratory Services

Cognitive Assessment Services

Screening/familiarization tests

  • Motor screening (MOT)
  • Big/Little Circle (BLC)

Visual memory tests

  • Delayed Matching to Sample (DMS)
  • Paired Associates Learning (PAL)
  • Pattern Recognition Memory (PRM)
  • Spatial Recognition Memory (SRM)

Executive function, working memory and planning tests

  • Attention Switching Task (AST)
  • Intra-Extra Dimensional Set Shift (IED)
  • One Touch Stockings of Cambridge (OTS)
  • Stockings of Cambridge (SOC)
  • Spatial Span (SSP)
  • Spatial Working Memory (SWM)

Attention tests

  • Choice Reaction Time (CRT)
  • Match to Sample Visual Search (MTS)
  • Reaction Time (RTI)
  • Rapid Visual Information Processing (RVP)
  • Simple Reaction Time (SRT)

Semantic/verbal memory tests

  • Graded Naming Test (GNT)
  • Verbal Recognition Memory (VRM)

Decision making and response control tests

  • Affective Go/No-go (AGN)
  • Cambridge Gambling Task (CGT)
  • Information Sampling Task (IST)
  • Stop Signal Task (SST)

Social cognition tests

  • Emotion Recognition Task (ERT)

Cognitive Rehabilitation Services:

Screening modules:

  • Alertness (ALET)
  • Selective Attention (GONT)
  • Campimetry (KAMP)
  • Divided Attention (GEAT)
  • Working Memory (PUME)
  • Spatial Numbers Search (NUQU)
  • Memory For Words (WOMT)
  • Logical Reasoning (LOGT)
  • Visual Field (VITE)

Rehabilitation modules:


  • Responsiveness
  • Alertness Training
  • Vigilance
  • Sustained Attention
  • Attention and Concentration
  • Divided Attention (1)
  • Divided Attention (2)
  • Spatial Operations 2
  • Spatial Operations 3D
  • Reaction Behavior
  • Two-Dimensional Operations
  • Visuo-Constructional Ability


  • Memory for Words
  • Figural Memory
  • Verbal Memory
  • Topological Memory
  • Physiognomic Memory
  • Working Memory
  • Memory Strategy Training

Visuo-Motor abilities:

  • Visuo-Motor Coordination

Executive Functions:

  • Shopping
  • Calculations
  • Plan a Vacation
  • Logical Reasoning

Visual Field:

  • Saccadic Training
  • Restoration Training
  • Exploration 2

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