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Cognitive Assessment and Rehabilitation Laboratory

Cognitive assessments are invaluable tools for understanding the role of specific brain functions across a range of disorders and syndromes; giving insight into underlying causes, identifying ways to detect the earliest symptoms and evaluating the effects of interventions designed to improve brain health.

Originally developed at the University of Cambridge, the Cambridge Neuropsychological Test Automated Battery (CANTAB) includes highly sensitive, precise and objective measures of cognitive function, correlated to neural networks.

CANTAB tests have demonstrated sensitivity to detecting changes in neuropsychological performance and include tests of working memory, learning and executive function; visual, verbal and episodic memory; attention, information processing and reaction time; social and emotion recognition, decision making and response control.

Cognitive rehabilitation is based on neuroplasticity of the brain and many studies have investigated the structural and physiological changes of the brain after cognitive rehabilitation.

By practicing, brain processes are activated and important brain functions are improved or restored. Successful rehabilitation means that a person is better able to cope with the challenges of everyday life.

In the cognitive rehabilitation department of the National Brain Mapping Laboratory, cognitive rehabilitation computer exercises are provided using RehaCom software. This practical tool helps therapists rehabilitate cognitive impairments that affect specific aspects of attention, concentration, memory, perception, activities of everyday life, etc. RehaCom is a modular system for cognitive rehabilitation that has 27 modules. Each module can be considered as a separate and extensive training system that helps to improve specific cognitive impairments.

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Dr. Alireza Moradi
Dr. Alireza Moradi
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Nooshin Momenzadeh
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Soroush Lohrasbi

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