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The National Brain Mapping Laboratory (NBML) has been established to meet some national research and technology demands by making infrastructures for imaging and brain stimulation required for cognitive researches and providing knowledge-based and innovative services in the field of cognitive sciences and technologies.

Main Objectives of NBML: Improving Iran's position at the regional, national and international levels and strengthening the researchers and technologists’ competitiveness in cognitive sciences and technologies by permanent education and providing activity in the field of brain imaging, stimulation and brain information processing at an advanced and up-to-date level to support research, technology and educational activities of all the state scientific centers

Claim: Converging Development in the Knowledge and Technology of Brain Mapping

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  • Developing research in the field of cognitive technologies and sciences
  • Providing the research results as applied services and implementing them in the relevant centers around the country
  • Upgrading and strengthening the scientific and technological position of the country in the above-mentioned fields at the global level
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Iran’s Brain Mapping Student Branch (IBMS)

IBMS was fomred on October 10, 2018, simultaneously with the 2nd Iranian Symposium on Brain Mapping Updates (ISBM2018) in order to develop and improve student's scientific and research abilities. The establishment of this branch, as the first Brain mapping's student branch in Iran, was suggested by Dr. Hossein Ghadiri's, Vice-President of the Administrative and Financial Department, NBML, agreed upon by Dr. Mohammad Reza Ay, President of the NBM. It has been aimed at holding scientific meetings, specialized workshops, expanding interdisciplinary activities, promoting the knowledge of brain mapping and supporting student activities.

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Researchers Club

Appreciating the trust of its loyal customers and satisfying them as much as possible, NBML has established Researchers Club with the following objectives.


Biobanks are considered as a tool and materials facilitating research. NBML has commissioned the Iranian Brain Mapping Biobank since 2017 to host and share national brain mapping data to researchers across the country.

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