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Cognitive assessment Tariffs

The cost of using a license for each test Output SPSS cost for each test Test cost with test report Introducing the test Title of Test Row
9700000 640000 330000 Motor Screening Task (MOT) Screening tests CANTAB 1
330000 Big/Little Circle(BLC)
540000 Paired Associates Learning (PAL) Visual memory tests
440000 Pattern Recognition Memory (PRM)
440000 Spatial Recognition Memory (SRM)
540000 Delayed Matching to Sample (DMS)
540000 Attention Switching Task (AST) Execution function tests, active memory and planning
540000 Intra - Extra Dimensional Set Shift (IED)
640000 One Touch Stockings of Cambridge (OTS)
330000 Spatial Span (SSP)
640000 Stockings of Cambridge (SOC)
540000 Spatial Working Memory (SWM)
440000 Choice Reaction Time (CRT) Attention Assessment Tests
640000 Match to Sample Visual Search (MTS)
540000 Reaction Time (RTI)
640000 Rapid Visual Information Processing (RVP)
440000 Simple Reaction Time (SRT)
330000 Graded Naming Task (GNT) Verbal / semantic memory assessment tests
540000 Verbal Recall/Recognition Memory (VRM)
540000 Affective Go / No - Go (AGN) Decision making and response control tests
660000 Cambridge Gambling Task (CGT)
540000 Information Sampling Task (IST)
640000 Stop Signal Task (SST)
540000 Emotion Recognition Task (ERT) Social and emotion recognition test
330000 Visual Analogue Scale (VAS) Mood - emotional states assessment test
8650000 1720000 220000 Integrated Visual and Auditory Continuse Perfomance Test Attention Assessment Test IVA-2 2
All four tests in the form of a package Each single test        
2130000 630000     Rehacom Rehabilitation 3

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