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Researchers Club

Researchers Club

Appreciating the trust of its loyal customers and satisfying them as much as possible, NBML has established Researchers Club with the following objectives:

  1. Identifying talented individuals (professors, researchers, university students, students and top talents) in the capacity of the research members as associate and honorary members
  2. Supporting researchers and guiding them towards the converging development in brain mapping science and technology
  3. Creating a synergistic network of capable, promising and responsible researchers
  4. Promoting the knowledge of brain mapping in national level
  5. Fixing the hardware and software problems and challenges of researchers to perform research projects
  6. Providing the club members with educational and research facilities and organizing purposeful teams to hold events or competitions in the field of brain mapping


Discount on research services
The possibility of using maximum 40% discount on the cost of research services depending on the acquired points ( Details )
Free apprenticeship
The possibility of attending free apprenticeship courses and receiving a certificate depending on the acquired points The possibility of attending free apprenticeship courses and receiving a certificate depending on the acquired points ( Details )
Discounts for participation in workshops
The possibility of using the discount on attending online workshops for using the Club Researchers' points
Free Webinars
The possibility of participating in all laboratory webinars for free
Discounts for participation in Symposium
Participating in symposiums on brain news with a discount of 70% for all members of the Researchers Club
Collaboration with NBML
The possibility of collaborating with NBML depending on the acquired points and receiving a certificate of cooperation ( Details )

The conditions of obtaining point

Table of conditions for obtaining points in the Researchers Club

Row Subject Faculty Members’ Point University Students’ Point
‏1 Presenting a paper published from research conducted in the NBML ‏50 ‏25
‏2 For every 20 hours of research done in NBML ‏50 ‏25
‏3 Registering Project in NBML ‏5 ‏5
‏4 Projects Registered from other cities ‏20 ‏10
‏5 Signing a letter of commitment to submit a paper ‏20 ‏5
‏6 Signing an agreement on the use of data obtained from the National Brain Mapping Biobank ‏20 ‏10
‏7 Timing during project implementation (according to the schedule for testing) ‏10 ‏20
‏8 Credit Worthy ‏10 ‏10
‏9 Introducing NBML to other researchers ‏10 ‏5
‏10 Defining the project in new sections ‏10 ‏5
11 Submitting a letter of recommendation from the centers with a memorandum of understanding ‏5 ‏10
‏12 Obtaining confirmation from the Vice Chancellor for Research that the project is related to brain mapping ‏5 ‏10
‏13 Participating in the survey (research projects / educational events) ‏20 ‏10
‏14 Participating in the educational research/ events as a volunteer (subject) ‏- ‏10
‏15 University Professors as the lecturers of educational-promotional events (per event) ‏25 ‏10
‏16 The Members of Student Branch for each coopaeration (according to defined indicators for cooperation) ‏- ‏10
‏17 Participants in educational events (per event) ‏- ‏5

Researchers Club

Researchers Club

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