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The Reports of 4th Session of Lecture Series on Human Brain Mapping Arranged by NBML

Lecturers: Mohammad Ali Oghabian, PhD;  Guive Sharifi , MD, Neurosurgeon; Gholam Ali Hossein-Zadeh, PhD .

Lecturers: Mohammad Ali Oghabian, PhD;  Guive Sharifi , MD, NeurosurgeonGholam Ali Hossein-Zadeh, PhD .

Mohammad Ali Oghabian, PhD (Professor, Dept. of Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering, Tehran University of Medical Sciences)

Title of the Talk: Neuro-imaging Strategies for Brain Mapping

Abstract: Dr. Oghabian starts his talk by highlighting the importance of neuroimaging techniques in human life and role of engineers and physicists to develop such techniques to help physicians and specially patients. He explained what type of data can be acquired by different techniques and expressed how the engineers can contribute in human health trough having enough knowledge of brain biological mechanisms and source of different behaviors in the brain. Indeed, any behavior or manner of human has the ability of being imaged. The importance is the precession of mechanisms that happen in the body. By developing the neuroimaging techniques toward better understanding the brain of its functionality, not only many diseases can be easily diagnosed and treated in early stage, but also we can hope to find ways to correct the behavioral and educational disorders in future.

Guive Sharifi MD, Neurosurgeon (Neurosurgeon, Shaheed beheshti university of medical sciences)

Title of the Talk: DTI and fMRI in Neurosurgery

Abstract:  Dr. Sharifi starts his talk by overview the anatomy and structure of the human brain. He expressed that the brain is the most complicated organ in human body and each region of the brain controls a specific function. Then the functionality of each region of the brain was comprehensively surveyed. He also explained what kind of information can be depicted by DTI and MRI. Then he highlighted the importance of neuroimaging techniques like DTI and fMRI to get the most possible information about the brain tumor to devise the most suitable pre-surgical plan to remove as much of a brain tumor as possible while minimizing the impact on the crucial areas of the brain that control movement, speech and the senses. Finally, he presented many real cases of his surgery, showed the complexity of the task, expressed the role of pre-surgical guidelines provided by neuroimaging techniques, highlighted the superiority of these methods to invasive awake craniotomy which has been previously applied, and the success of the surgery outcome.


Gholam Ali Hossein-Zadeh, PhD (Deputy of scientific and technology, NBML, Associate Professor, BioElectric, School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, College of Engineering, University of Tehran)

Title of the Talk: Introducing NBML, its goals, and its services.



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