National Brain Mapping Lab

Successful stories

Morteza  Amini

First Name: Morteza
Last Name: Amini
Field of study: Statistics
Academic Degree: PhD
Project Title: Classification of the disease from brain MRI images using machine learning methods
Supervisor: Dr. Morteza Amini

Fatemeh Jam

First Name: Fatemeh
Last Name: Jam
Field of study: Architecture
Academic Degree: PhD
Project Title: Assessment of the effect of residential buildings façade style on people’s brain activity (a fMRI discovery study)
Supervisor: Dr. Hamid Reza Azemati

Neda Sardaripoor

First Name: Neda
Last Name: Sardaripoor
Field of study: Bioengineering- Bioelectrics
Academic Degree: MSc
Project Title: LGN performance assessment and its injury in MS patients using fMRI and vision test.
Supervisor: Dr. Hamid Abrishami Moghddam

Sima Shojaee

First Name: Sima
Last Name: Shojaee
Field of study: Nanotechnology in Medicine
Academic Degree: MSc
Project Title: Stem cell tracking using biocompatible nanoparticles in the Rat experimental model
Supervisor: Dr. Mehvari

Ashraf Sadat Mo’azem

First Name: Ashraf Sadat
Last Name: Mo’azem
Field of study: Zoology
Academic Degree: Bachelor
Project Title: The effect of drugs on hydrocephalus due to KSL
Supervisor: Dr. Manijeh Motevalian

AmirHossein  Batooli

First Name: AmirHossein
Last Name: Batooli
Field of study: Assistant Professor, Tehran University of Medical Sciences, School of Advanced Technologies in Medicine
Academic Degree: Bachelor
Project Title: Design and forming a structural data collection of human brain using Magnetic Resonance Images with the Aim of standardization and physical characteristics of the Normal individual brains and creating a quantitative atlas
Supervisor: Dr. Amir Hossein Batooli

Armin Foroozanfar

First Name: Armin
Last Name: Foroozanfar
Field of study: Bioengineering
Academic Degree: MSc
Project Title: visualization of the target organ of the brain through augmented reality using a deep neural network
Supervisor: Dr. Hamed Azarnoosh

Zahra Nemati

First Name: Zahra
Last Name: Nemati
Field of study: Physical Education-Motor Learning
Academic Degree: PhD
Project Title: Study of the central neural motor behavior of elite and non-elite table tennis players in simple and complicated actions and its relation to speed and precision of performance
Supervisor: Dr. Mahdi Shahbazi

Gholam Reza Bandali

First Name: Gholam Reza
Last Name: Bandali
Field of study: Cognitive Neuroscience
Academic Degree: Ph.D
Project Title: brain signal confronting syntactic and semantic irregularities
Supervisor: Dr. Mahdi Poormohammad

Soheila Fallah

First Name: Soheila
Last Name: Fallah
Field of study: Cognitive Sciences
Academic Degree: Ph.D
Project Title: investigation of the impact of physical exercise environment (real and virtual environment) on brain reorganization, molecular parameters, and cognitive and motor Behavioral performance in chronic stroke
Supervisor: Dr. Mohammad Taghi Joghataei