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Successful Stories

Morteza  Amini
I got familiar with the NBML through my colleagues at the Engineering College of University of Tehran and the Lab’s promotional activities such as competitions and conferences.
I experienced a very well interaction with colleagues in the Lab in the terms of scientific conversations and had a very good cooperation with personnel in customer relationship and biobank departments.
Fatemeh Jam
NBML was introduced to me by my friend at the Cognitive sciences laboratory of Shahid Rajaee Teacher Training University.
Considering the excellent cooperation in various lab’s departments and its proper environment, the project progressed peacefully. But it was challenging for me due to its being interdisciplinary.
Neda Sardaripoor
I started my MSc thesis at machine vision and medical image processing lab supervised by Dr. Hamid Abrishami Moghaddam and registered data there.
Participation in useful workshop on medical imaging and image processing via special software held by NBML, assessed me to advance my project. In addition, providing the research grants for laboratories services helped conducting this project financially.
Appreciation to all the officials and experts.
Sima Shojaee
I settled into NBML by students and my supervisor, Dr. Mehvari, and started my project since July 2018.
The personnel cooperation in the imaging and processing labs to improve the quality of project and speeding it up was admirable. I would like to thank the respectable director and all the personnel.
Ashraf Sadat Mo’azem
My feminization with NBML was thorough my colleague in the department of medical physics and my experience with this lab was so satisfying. I would like to appreciate the corporation of all laboratory personnel of customer relationship expert in charge of my project, and all technical experts who was doing their job well at NBML.
AmirHossein  Batooli
It was supposed in this project to collect 300 MRI brain data in a range of 20 to 70 years old. MRI data includes various protocols such as T1-weighted, T2-weighted, Diffusion-weighted (multi-shell) and Resting state fMRI, which eventually collected 311 data in less than one year.
Obviously, it would not have been possible to conduct this or similar projects without the NBML’s facilities, and I hope this lab to continue being a source of beneficial services for the country’s scientific community. I would like to gratitude and appreciate for the support of the respected professors, directors and experts of the NBML.
Armin Foroozanfar
My familization with NBML was through a friend of mine who was studying at the Faculty of Bioengineering of University of Tehran. I required to register MRI data of normal human which was done quickly with the help and cooperation of personnel.
Zahra Nemati
first of all, I would like to thank all NBML personnel who cooperate sincerely in providing a calm environment for me. I settled into NBML through visit.
Since my projects was a combination of field and laboratory research, I required the assistance of personnel. I would like to thank Dr. Hossein-Zadeh who provided the conditions for the project to be implemented in addition giving scientific advice. I also would like to thank all the personnel of the Customer Relationship department, facilities, security, services, and signal processing lab
Gholam Reza Bandali
My feminization with NBML was through the Institute for Cognitive Science Studies and on recommendation of the professors of institute.
The project registration process was done well in lab. The collaboration was good at various step of task design and data registration. I am grateful to directorship and personnel.
As a general criticism, I recommend psychological education as to how to confront with researchers for experts of data registration lab.
Soheila Fallah
I think the precision in NBML is very high and has new laboratory equipment. The personnel attitude is respectful and sincere, and research can be done in a calm environment. I also felt secure about getting data and I knew I would reach a well output from it.

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