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First National Conference on Artificial Intelligence in Medical Imaging (AIMIN-2019)

The first National Conference on Artificial Intelligence in Medical Imaging was held on 3-4 October 2019 at the central building of TUMS.

The first National Conference on Artificial Intelligence in Medical Imaging was held on 3-4 October 2019 at the central building of TUMS.

The main segments of this conference included: artificial intelligence academy with the presence of the European Society of Medical Imaging Informatics (EuSoMII Academy) attended by lecturers from USA, Switzerland, Netherland, and Iran, AI in medical imaging competition, presentation of accepted abstracts, educational courses on hot topics in imaging informatics.

The side events of AMIN-2019 included three workshops on artificial intelligence in neuroradiology using Matlab, artificial intelligence using Python, and artificial intelligence in graphical environments were held on November 2nd and 5th 2019 at NBML.

The opening ceremony was initiated by Dr. Mohammad Reza Ay, the Director of NBML, and Dr. Mansoor Fatehi, Conference President of AIMIN 2019 on November 3th.

Following the first day, the international academy of Artificial Intelligence in Medical Imaging was held under the supervision of the EuSoMII academy. The basics and practical concepts of artificial intelligence in neuroradiology and other medical imaging were reviewed in the following order:

  • The first section chaired by H. Rabiee, J. Jalal Shohouhi
    • Erik Ranschaert (AI in Radiology: From Theory into Practice)
    • Henning Muller (Overview of the VISCERAL benchmarks on intelligent medical data analysis)
    • Mansoor Fatehi (Collaborative AI Research in Medical Imaging: Trends and Challenges)
  • The second section chaired by AA Ameri, Gh. Hosseinzadeh
    • Henning Muller (Creating AI ecosystem for multimodal data analysis in the MedGIFT group)
    • Hamidreza Rabiee (Optimizing AI Algorithms to Extract the Best of Medical Images)
    • Erik Ranschaert (Domain Specific AI Application in Medical Imaging: Use Cases)
    • Hamidreza Salighehrad (Deep MR Imaging: Using AI to Enhance MR Protocols)
  • The third section chaired by MR. Ay, H. Ebrahimpour
    • Panel moderated by Alireza Shakibafard (Radiologists’ Wish List for AI Applications in Medical Imaging)
  • The fourth section chaired by A. Sami, M. Fatehi
    • Raym Geis (Medical Imaging and AI: Ethical Issues)
    • Charles Kahn (Explainable Artificial Intelligence)
    • Behrang Amini (Calibration of Probabilistic Model Output: Introduction and Online Tool)
    • Maedeh S Tahaei (AI Startups- The Need for Collaborative Research and Development)

The second day of the AIMIN-2019 was devoted to hot topics in imaging informatics, AI in Medical Imaging Competition, and presentation of accepted abstracts.

  • The first section chaired by M. Sanei Tahari, S. Marashi
    • Alireza Shakibafard (Enterprise Imaging: Where? When? How?)
    • Sina Marashi (National PACS Network: Dream or Feasible Expectation?)
    • Massod Raeesi (The Experience of Enterprise Imaging in Iran)
  • The second section chaired by M. Tara, H. Haghighatkhah
    • Saeed Eslami (Basics of Medical Decision Support)
    • Mansoor Fatehi (Referral Guidelines in Radiology: Point of Care Advice)
    • Panel managed by Mansoor Fatehi (How to Use Electronic Referral Guidelines in Practice)
  • The third section chaired by A. Shakibafard, R. Zoroofi
    • Masoumeh Gity (Standard Reporting System: The Example of BIRADS)
    • Ashkan Sami (Added Value of Structured Reporting for Medical Practice and Management)
    • Mansoor Fatehi (Templates, Modules, Common Data Elements: Building Blocks of Structured Reporting)
    • Achievement Startup (Cloud-Based Medical Image Sharing Platform)
  • The fourth section chaired by M. Ebrahimi, A. Aslani
    • Alireza Shakibafard (Mobile Device and PACS Viewer)
    • Mojtaba Ebrahimi (Tablets as Clinical Decision Making Tools for Radiologists)
    • Hossein Ravankhah (Medical Image Sharing with Portable Devices)

For complete details of the lectures and topics you could download the conference program from the bottom of the page.

An exhibition was also held in the conference place participated by the activists in this field and related ones. A numbers of companies and institues participated in this exhibition, such as Archivemed company, Iranian Society of Radiology, ParsXRay company, Marco-Pacs company, Iran Brain Mapping Biobank, TUMS Preclinical Core Facility, Virtual University of Medical Sciences, and introduced their products and services. The Tajuizat Pezeshki Pars company not only participated in this exhibition but also sponsored AIMIN-2019.

The closing ceremony was held at the end of the conference with the presence of professors, participants, executive committee, and the winners of the AI competition, and top abstracts were also honored.

Top abstracts winners were as follows:

  1. Mahdi Yousefzadeh from IPM
  2. Mostafa Ghalich Oghli from the research department of Med Fanavaran Plus
  3. Ramin Nateghi from Shiraz University of Technology

It is worth noting that all accepted abstracts which were declared prior to AIMIN-2019 will be published on the Iranian Journal of Radiology, and a unique DOI address will be assigned to them. This Journal is indexed in ISI.

The winners of the AI competition (Intelligent Assessment of Imaging Biomarkers of Dementia) were as follows:

  1. Golchehreh Ahmadi and Najmeh Yousefi from the Virtual University of Medical Sciences
  2. Mahdi Yousefzadeh from IPM
  3. Ashkan Soleimani and Seyed Shervin Bani-Kamali from Tarbiat Modares University


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