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Iran’s Brain Mapping Student Branch (IBMS)

IBMS was founded October 10, 2018, simultaneously with the 2nd Iranian Symposium on Brain Mapping Updates (ISBM2018) in order to develop and enhance student's scientific and research abilities. Stablishing this branch, as the first Brain mapping's student branch, was Dr. Hossein Ghadiri's suggestion, which was followed by the agreement of Dr. Mohammad Reza Ay, Director of the NBML, and persuasion Shima Golbarg, promotion and education Manager. The main aim was to hold scientific meetings, specialized workshops, multidisciplinary cooperation, promotion of brain mapping and supporting student activities.

The first meeting of IBMS was held as a side event to the 2nd Iranian Symposium on Brain Mapping Updates 2018 (ISBM 2018), which hosted more than 100 people from researchers and scientists. In this meeting, Dr. Mohammad Reza Ay, Director of NBML and the Chair of Symposium, emphasized the importance of establishing this branch. Then, Mohsen Dadjou, a Ph.D. researcher of cognitive and brain science from the Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Science, continued the meeting with Introduction of laboratory facilities and talking about NBML mission statement. Now the capacity to cooperate with this branch is developed and students are more involved than ever. People who have any questions or are interested to work with National Brain Mapping Lab's Student Branch can contact us via this address: NBMS@NBML.ir

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