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Comprehensive Course of Task Design & Brain MRI Image Analysis

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Time November & December 2022
Place Online
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Executive Secretary Dr. Hossein Ghadiri
Executive Manager Shima Golbarg , Sina Tavakoli

 NBML in cooperation with Synapse scientific group will hold the following workshop:

 The Second Comprehensive Course of Task Design & Brain MRI Image Analysis

Duration of the Course43 Hours

Date & Time: Aban & Azar1401 (from November 03 to December 07, 2022)


Dr. Gholamali Hosseinzadeh

Dr. Hamidreza Saligheh Rad

(.Eng) Behrooz Vojdani Afkham

Dr. Mohammadreza Nazemzadeh

Dr. Vahid Malekian

Dr. Samira Raminfard

(.Eng) Hengameh Marzbani

Neda Mohammadi (Eng.)


Section 1: Introduction to fMRI Task Design

Section 2: Introduction to fMRI Task Design

Section 3:

  • Hariri Face Task
  • Monetary Incentive Delay (Mid) Task
  • Food Cue Reactivity Task

Section 4:

  • Stop Signal Task (Sst)
  • Emotional N-Back Task

Section 5:

  • Language Task
  • Motor Task
  • Oddball Task
  • Theory of Mind Task

Section 6 & 7: Perfusion Analysis

Section 8 & 9: Morphometry Analysis of Brain Structural MRI using Freesurfer Software

Section 10 & 11: Basic Diffusion MRI Data Analysis using MRtrix Software

Section 12 & 13: Introduction to Task-fMRI Analysis using FSL

Section 14 & 15: Introduction to rest-fMRI Analysis

Section 16: MRS Analysis

Limited Capacity

-The invitation link will be sent via email & SMS.


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