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On 1st June 2017, Digital signal processing lab was opened at the National Brain Mapping Laboratory.

The goal of the Digital signal processing Lab is to increase the quality of Studies through offering accurate and precise signal processing services to researchers.

Signal processing Laboratory contains high performance computer facilities for data analysis, signal and image visualization, and high-performance computation. Comprehensive software packages for analysis of different data are available for academic research purposes.


Analysis procedures include:

Data loading and preprocessing

In addition to standard EEG data types, our lab supports loading various MEG and EEG data formats including raw and epoched signals.


Time and Frequency visualization

Time and Frequency visualization

Event Related Potential (ERP)

Based on experiment design, Event Related Potentials (ERPs) is extracted and in this lab a lot of visualization tools are available.


ERP visualization

ERP visualization

Artifact detection and rejection

A range of artifact rejection is done, automated and interactive data rejection or cleaning, as well as ICA-based artifact rejection. Also, epochs containing large artifacts are rejected based on visual inspection.

Source localization

We have tried to use source localization techniques that are robust to noise and that are well informed by anatomy, neurophysiology, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), and realistic volume conduction physics.


Source visualizaion on MRI images

Source visualizaion on MRI images

Multiple subjects or sessions data Processing

Our analysis support multiple-subject analysis and help the users to separate these measures into conditions, sessions, and/or subject groups.

Software and plugins:



Field trip


Brain Vision Analyzer



EDF browser


Remove fMRI artifacts from EEG

Analysis and visualization of multivariate connectivity

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Free EEG / ERP data:


1. EEG / ERP data available for free public download (more than 20 databases or datasets)

2. EEG from epileptic patients