National Brain Mapping Lab

Practical and theoretical course of Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (FMRI)

Time 2020-12-19
Price 400,000 Tomans

Online Workshop
Virtual Reality in Neuromodulation and Beyond


Dr. Vahid MALEKIAN, Postdoctoral Researcher of Institute for Research in Fundamental Sciences (IPM)

Ms. Shaghayegh KARIMI (Eng.), in charge of MRI Section, NBML

Ms. Hengame MARZBANI (Eng.),  in charge of Image Processing Section,  NBML

Mr. Majid SABERI (Eng.), in charge of High Performance Computing Server Department, NBML

Outlines taught in theoretical section are as follows (8 hours , Distance (online) Learning):

  • Introduction to MRI machine
  • Physical Principles of MRI
  • Physical Principles of FMRI
  • Physiology and origin of signal in FMRI
  • Different methods of obtaining data in a FMRI test
  • Introduction of FMRI pulses sequences
  • Introduction to ancillary hardware of obtaining FMRI data
  • Practical and critical tips in the studies on FMRI
  • Introduction to software and methods of processing images and data of FMRI

Outlines taught in practical part are as follows (12 hours,  In-person training ):

  • Visiting equipment and tools of MRI section and introduction to each one's function and performance
  • Visiting ancillary equipment related to functional data obtaining and introduction to each one's function
  • Practical training of all procedures of designing a FMRI test
  • Practical training of setting up imaging parameters in obtaining data related to FMRI
  • Practical training of the process of obtaining FMRI data sample
  • - Introduction to Linux and working with the Linux Command Line
  • Computing server applying and connecting
  • - Introduction to parallel processing of fMRI images preprocessing
  • Introduction to software for analyzing fMRI images
  • - Introduction to different types of tasks in task-fMRI studies
  • Complete pre-processing and analysis of a task-fMRI data on the computing server

The Course Duration: 20 hours


 November/December 2020

-The link for joining to webinar will be sent via email

-1 hour free services will be awarded for 2 people who give the right answer to given questions at the end of the webinar by NBML.