National Brain Mapping Lab

Neuro-Psycholinguistics Online Panel

Time 2021-04-29
Place online
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Online panel:


Time: April 29, 2021


Dr. Mohammad Momenian, Faculty member of Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Topic: Language processing in monolingual & multilingual brains

Time:  8 to 10

Dr. Mehdi Pour Mohammad, Faculty member of Brain and Cognitive Sciences Research Institute of Shahid Beheshti University

Topic: Neuropsychological aspects of encoding language in bilingual speakers

Time: 10 to 12

Dr. Shima Nabifar, General linguistics Ph.D.

Topic: The relationship between syntax awareness and phonology with reading comprehension in normal children and dyslexia

Time: 12 to 14


Time: April 30, 2021


Dr. Mohammad Nami, Director of Neuroscience Department, Shiraz University of Medical Sciences

Topic:The Neurological Basics of Bilingualism and Its Role in Applied Neuroscience and Language Neurology

Time:  8 to 10

Dr. Ramin Golshaei, Faculty member of Al-Zahra University

Topic: Laboratory approaches in cognitive linguistics

Time: 10 to 12

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