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Neurobiologists give new meaning to the term 'motor mouth'. By carefully mapping neural networks in marmoset and macaque monkeys, they determined that multiple areas in the brain's frontal lobe control the muscles of vocalization and could provide a foundation for complex speech.
Internet gaming disorder is a newly emerging disorder in which one frequently and uncontrollably plays online games.
A new systematic review published by the scientific journal Addiction has found that non-invasive brain stimulation (NIBS) may improve smoking abstinence rates 3 to 6 months after quitting, compared with sham brain stimulation.
A new study reveals blind people remember speech and language better than sighted people. Researchers say blind people use language as a mental tool to remember information
Abstract concepts can potentially be represented using metaphorical mappings to concrete domains. This view predicts that when linguistic metaphors are processed, they will invoke sensory-motor simulations.
If you have trouble falling asleep or are easily awakened during the night, many sleep specialists recommend trying a sound conditioner or white noise machine. White noise machine devices work in two ways: by blocking distracting noises and producing soothing sounds that are relaxing and help to induce sleep.
As children grow up, voices of unfamiliar people become more interesting.
Study reveals a bi-directional link between daytime napping and cognitive decline associated with Alzheimer’s disease. Researchers say longer, more frequent napping was associated with worse cognition after one year, and worse cognition was linked to longer and more frequent daytime naps.
The discovery of a unique ratio of metabolites in blood samples taken from early-stage Alzheimer’s patients could be a critical new biomarker for early detection of the neurodegenerative disease.