National Brain Mapping Lab

Analysis of ERP / EEG in time domain workshop

Time 2021-08-05
Place online
Price 150,000 Tomans
Scientific Secretary Eng. Pooya Pakarian
Executive Manager Shima Golbarg

Neuro-Psycholinguistics work group of National Brain Mapping Lab, The Linguistics Student Association of Allameh Tabataba'i University, The Linguistics Student Association of Tehran University, and Allameh Tabataba'i University Student Association of Brain and Cognition present:

Analysis of ERP / EEG in time domain


Eng. Pooya Pakarian


  • Impedance, ground, reference, volume conduction
    • Sources of event-related and evoked potentials
    • Montages and averaging of channels
    • Baseline, DC shift, and linear trend
    • Loading of single channels from large files
    • Epochs, events, triggers, time locking
    • Filtering, down sampling, averaging of epochs
    • importance of visual inspection of signals

    The attendees need to have access to MATLAB and also EEGLAB.

    2021 August 5,6,12,13, Thursdays & Fridays


  • The invitation link will be sent via email & sms.