National Brain Mapping Lab

Student Branch Events

16 Sep

Cognitive Function in Cerebrovascular disease Webinar

28 Jul

Meeting (Book Reading) on Emotion

22 Jul

The Neural Basis of Language , Language in Our Mind (Friederici, 2017) Webinar

20 Jul

Advertising from Neuroscience Approach Webinar

18 Jul

Scientific basis of clinical neurophysiology (Oxford Textbook of Clinical Neurophysiology (2017))

12 Jul

Application of Neuromarketing in Retailing and Merchandising Webinar

08 Jul

The future of job for cognitive modeling Webinar

01 Jul

Meeting (Book review) The Neurolinguistics of Bilingualism

18 Jun

Consumer Behavior under the Scrutiny of Neuroscience Webinar

11 Jun

Brain-inspired spiking neural networks for decoding and understanding muscle activity and kinematics from EEG signals during hand movements