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Eye tracking (Top)

One way we measure people's behavior is recording their eye movements. Where people look and how they move their eyes can inform us about how people think. Usually eye tracking is used on participants as they perform some behavioral task. For decrees the movement of head in an eye tracking experiment use the chin rest.

Behavioral experiments (Top)

In a typical behavioral experiment, participants sit in front of a computer screen and they are presented with visual or auditory stimuli, or sometimes both at the same time. Participants would be required to respond to the stimuli usually by pressing computer keys as instructed by the experimenter.

Task Design (Top)

Designing verity types of task for eye tracking is another service that laboratory perform. The tasks are designed in Matlab, Psychtoolbox and PsychoPy.

Analysis of eye tracking data (Top)

Researcher can use this service for analyzing their eye tracking data. Matlab is used for Eye tracking data analysis.

An example of Eye-tracking system in NBML

Figure 3: An example of Eye-tracking system in NBML

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