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MRI Tariffs

Cost (Rials) Unit Type of service Row
4.350.000 Hour Brain MRI (Without Contrast) 1
5.500.000 Hour Brain MRI (With Contrast) 2
6.550.000 Hour Brain MRI (With & Without Contrast) 3
9.850.000 Hour Brain MR Angiography (MRA with & Without Contrast) 4
5.490.000 Hour Functional MRI (fMRI)/ MR Spectroscopy (1H, 31P, 13C MRS) 5
6.625.000 Hour Diffusion Weighted Imaging/ Perfusion Weighted Imaging and Other Advanced Techniques Except the Above 6
3.310.000 Hour Provide a three-dimensional image with analysis report and quantitative calculations of images for MRI with subsequent processing on images along with or without out-of-device processing with calibration and adjustment of imaging parameters and monitoring during imaging 7
1.100.000 Hour MRI Simulator 8
1.890.000 GB / month Archiving and Data Storing 9
30% of Original Experiment Cost - Data Duplication cost 10
Costs consumables Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) section
According to the Market Tariffs Number Ear plug 11
Number Mask 12
Number Gan 13
Number Gloves 14
Number DVD 15
  • The tariff for the setup and preparing the sample is 30% of the tariff for performing the tests.
  • The tariff for conducting tests in the second shift is negotiable.

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