National Brain Mapping Lab

Webinars ( Past )

23 Jun

Cannabinoids and Epilepsy Webinar

21 Jun

Why Medical Imaging AI Research Needs Data Refinement?

21 May

Functional organization of Hot and Cold executive functions in the brain: a prefrontal-cingular network model for Cognitive Neuroscience research

21 May

Hot and Cold executive functions in the brain and the prefrontal-cingular network: implications for neuropsychiatric disorders

03 May

Introducing the Types of Datasets Available in the Biobank

29 Apr

The contribution of the tongue motor neurons in processing reward and aversion

16 Mar

Alzheimer’s Disease stage identification using Deep Learning models

15 Mar

An Overview of the CANTAB and application in the clinical and research

13 Mar

Types of MRI sequences

09 Mar

Introduction to Deep Learning Tools in MATLAB