National Brain Mapping Lab

Student Branch Events ( Past )

03 Dec

Fundamental of Human Neuropsychology

02 Dec

Application of brain mapping methods in language studies

02 Dec

Introducing Cognitive Neuroscience Working Group of IBMS

10 Nov

Scientific Article Writing Workshop

04 Nov

Neuromarketing, Foundations and research tools (With emphasis on EEG and Eye tracker)

19 Oct

Language and Brain

13 Oct

Review of fMRI data Acquisition, Analysis and Application in Olfaction

30 Sep

Overview of the nervous system; Somatosensory systems, pathways and processes.

26 Sep

Insight into novel diagnostic and therapeutic approaches to Parkinson's disease through application of brain mapping techniques

14 Sep

Introduction to transcranial Direct Current Stimulation of the Brain (tDCS) with emphasis on fMRI and EEG integrated approaches.