National Brain Mapping Lab

The chairman's speech

ISBM 2021 which will be held on July 14 and 15, 2021 with the presence of domestic and foreign professors, as the biggest event of brain mapping, provides a unique opportunity for specialists to be informed of the latest achievements in this field, and they may eventually benefit from such achievements in their studies and researches.

The side program of the biggest brain mapping event in the country will be held in four weeks (from the beginning to the end of Tir (from June 22, 2021 to July 22, 2021)) and each week covers one area of this science including knowledge of the structure and function of the brain, neurons and their secrets: brain signals, flexible brain: brain stimulation, amazing view of the brain: magnetic resonance imaging.

These days, the country has not yet got rid of the Covid-19 pandemic, the National Brain Mapping Laboratory with its determined plays an important role in creating the convergence and promotion of brain mapping sciences.

It is evident that the promotion of Iran’s position at the national, regional, and international levels and strengthening the competitiveness of researchers as a major goal of the laboratory is a drudgery task in such a circumstances the country and the world face the fear of the corona virus.

However, the National Brain Mapping Laboratory continues its endeavor to update and improve the knowledge of researchers, and by holding this event virtually, provides this opportunity to all researchers in the country, even in remote areas.

It is hoped that, in the current circumstances, the National Brain Mapping Laboratory will be able to play a role in the provision of services, as well as convergence and synergy of cognitive sciences knowledge, especially brain mapping.

All researchers, professors and students in this field are kindly invited to raise the event level with their presence.

Appreciating you in advance.

Dr. Mohammad Reza AY