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If you didn’t quite believe that sitting is one of the worst things we can do for our health, a new study should clear any lingering doubt.
A preliminary study published in European Psychiatry examined noninvasive brain stimulation as a possible avenue for treatment of auditory hallucinations.
McLean Hospital and Harvard Medical School researchers believe they have uncovered a method that could be useful in predicting a depressed patient's treatment prognosis, prior to starting treatment.
The two ETH particle physicists are building a brain scanner that is ten times less expensive and much smaller than current models.
For the first time, EMBL researchers have captured microglia pruning synaptic connections between brain cells.
Magnetoencephalography (MEG) is a functional neuroimaging technique used for both research into brain function and diagnosis of neurological disorders.
The frequency of alpha brain waves can be used as a measure of an individual's vulnerability to developing and experiencing pain.
In a recently published research paper, the team demonstrates that it’s possible to work out what a dog is looking at by analyzing a scan of its brain.
A team of University of Missouri neuroscientists are inching closer to developing the tools needed to decipher the brain.
Combined with calorie restriction, a low-fat diet may protect the aging brain against inflammation-related activation of microglia, according to a new study of mice.